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自ら学ぶ意志と豊かな心を養い、時代を担う一員として、社会の変化に対応しながら社会で活躍できる「生きる力」を持った、たくましい人材を育てる。ホ-プスト-ン国際教育コンサルタント訓は「自律、勤勉、誠実」。 ホ-プスト-ン国際教育コンサルタントの特色明るく元気未来や特定技能国際人材と学生ご紹介と学習活動を通じて、知力と人間性の両面の向上を図っている。特定技能人材の技術で新しい時代において誰も困らないように動力していただきたいと思っております。日本驚き な会社にちゃんと約束したこと守って学んで皆様満足していきたいと思っております。いつもお世話なっております。

Hopestone International will Cultivate a strong will to learn and a rich heart, and nurture strong human resources who have the “zest for life” to play an active role in society while responding to social changes as a responsible member of the times. Hopstone International Educational Consultant’s motto is “Self-discipline, Diligence,  Honesty”. Hopstone International Education Consultant’s characteristics: Bright future, specific skill international human resources and student introductions, and learning activities to improve both intellect and humanity. We hope that the skills of specific skilled workers will drive us so that no one will be in trouble in the new era. Surprise Japan!! I would like to keep and learn what I have promised to a ️ company and be satisfied with everyone. I am always indebted.

Thaman Tamang

Well managed Education Consultancy for your Success

Hopestone International, one of the leading and trusted educational service providers, was formed to provide a comprehensive solution to students planning to pursue higher education from reputed universities and colleges in japan. International is synonymous with rightness and promptness in delivering convenient services at all our Japanese outlets. Our qualified and driven team emphasizes and believes in providing simple and realistic solutions to our students. The organization stands for conviction, reliability, and unwavering commitment toward those students who aspire to pursue education and gain invaluable experience while studying abroad.


Our mission is to guide students to explore and help secure their career prospects through suitable education and pathways.


Our vision is to be the best education service provider across continents and help aspiring students achieve their dream.


Our values lie in providing honest counseling, ensuring responsibility to identify our client’s needs, and providing excellent service.


Hopestone International  is committed to:

  • To provide quality for the clients.
  • To develop responsible and engaged learners.
  • To foster tolerance, respect, and acceptance of others.
  • To promote a robust and supportive partnership between Hopestone and the clients.
  • To have high expectations of ourselves and others.

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